Our Dogs Who Need a Home Meet Jonas, sweet tiny boy around 1,5 years old weighing 9 lbs only. This beautiful boy was found on the side of the road with two little girls, Kiwi and Tikka. We are not sure if he is related to those sweet girls but likely he is. He is a bit shy at first but has good nature, likes dogs and his people. He would make a great companion and regardless his size he will love to take walks with his humans. Jonas will likely need help with leash walking and housebreaking. If you think Jonas could be a boy for you, please email us to ourangelsdr@gmail.com Thank you! Here is our beautiful Kiwi. Tiny terrier mix around 1 year old weighing 7.5 lbs. She was left to fend for herself with her little friends on the side of the road. This tiny girl is scared at first but warming up so quickly to her humans. She is good with dogs and she doesn't mind cats who are twice her size, so it’s no wonder. Kiwi will most likely need help with leash walking and help with house training as we do not know her background but those are such a small things to overcome when you have such a cute and beautiful little girl in your arms. Kiwi is in need of foster/adoptive home in order for us to bring her home to Canada. She would love a wonderful companion and bed companion if you will allow her to sleep with you. How can you resist such a seeetheart? If you are interested in this beautiful girl, please send us an email to ourangelsdr@gmail.com Meet Sienna heeler border collie mix female, around 1 year old. She is good with dogs and has a sweet personality. She was picked up as a stray and was never claimed by the owners. Happy Valentines day beautiful girl. If you are interested in fostering/adopting her, please send us an email to ourangelsdr@gmail.com Meet Quincy More info coming soon... Please meet our new addition to Our Angels. Sam is a beautiful blue heeler boy around 1 years old. He is a sweet boy, good with dogs. Sam sleeps with his foster family children and all he wants is to find a family on his own. Sam will be happy if you could practice leash walking with him and tell him that food sharing with other dogs is ok. He already made progress but he still needs help with that since in his previous life he was not really paid attention to. This boy is as smart as can be. He is learning fast and he would love an active family who can take him jogging, walking on the trails and maybe teach him how to play frisbee. He would also be a great candidate for agility if his family would like to try and have some fun with him. If you think you could offer Sam foster/adoptive home, please email us to ourangelsdr@gmail.com Thank you. Meet Ducky, sweet chi boy around 5 years old, weighing 12 lbs whose heart was broken. Ducky found himself in the shelter where he hid under the bed scared and snapping out of fear. The shelter wanted to put him down due to his behaviour. The rescue coordinator reached out to a volunteer for help and she agreed to take him to her home to see how he would behave. Within 5 minutes of being at home Ducky was jumping around and wagging his tail and meeting other dogs. He absolutely loved the foster mom's grandson, who is 5 years old and claimed him as "his boy". Ducky was an owner surrender whose owner was a hoarder, there were 16 cats and 11 dogs in the home. The owner’s husband died and his wife was loosing the house due to foreclosure. Ducky did not understand any of this, to him he was losing the only home he knew and all his friends that he loved. His little body was shivering from the fear and he did not know what would happen to him. But now he has another chance and he will be a wonderful addition to any family. He loves dogs, children and cats. We need a foster or adoptive home for this beautiful boy so we can bring him home to Canada. Meet Mara. Sweet 8 months old female shar pei mix. This beautiful girl was adopted from the shelter 4 months ago and sadly her owner had to move to government housing where dogs are not allowed and Mara came back to shelter she was adopted from. Mara joined OADR with a promise that this time she will go to a forever home without a fear of going back to shelter. Mara is good with dogs and did not mind cats. She is good on the leash and is almost housebroken with little accidents from time to time. Mara is a very beautiful and smart girl. She loves her people and would be so happy to be able to go for walks or just lay beside you on the porch on a nice sunny day. She is also playful and has a lots of puppy nature in her. She loves to run and explore new places. We are hoping Mara will find her home soon and someone will fall in love with her same way we did. Mara is currently in our boarding and we can bring her home to Canada when foster/adoptive home found. Dexter is a 6 year old sweet boy who was found as a stray. He’s a Hound/Lab mix with a gorgeous face. We can’t understand how no one could be out there looking to bring him back home. He has a very sweet personality and adores every person he meets. Dexter gets along with all dogs, too. He would be so happy if someone could see the love and devotion in his eyes. Dexter is doing very well on a leash and loves all the attention he’s been getting. He’ll need some help and reminders with potty training. This boy did not deserve to be left alone to fend for himself. He deserves a nice home, a loving family and a big yard to romp around in all day. If you think you’re the right family for Dexter, please send an email to ourangelsdr@gmail.com Please not Dexter is in our boarding and he needs foster/ adoptive home commitment so we could bring him home Tikka is a sweet and shy at first girl who is a sister to Kiwi. She is around 1 year old weighing 8.5 lbs. She loves to be held in your arms, she will rest her head on your arm, just wanting to be near you. We cannot understand how such a small dog can be left on the side of the road and brought to a high kill shelter. These are the things we can never understand but Tikka is one of many we have helped and we are happy she has a second chance at life. Tikka needs help with leash walking and likely housetraining as we do not know where she is from and we do not know anything about her previous life but we know she is a beautiful little girl who loves her people and she doesn't mind dogs or cats at all. If you are interested in this sweet girl, please email us to ourangelsdr@gmal.com Thank you Koreen is around 9 months old female Collie mix with beautiful merle and white coloring and the cutest nose possible. She was brought to the shelter found on the road and sadly nobody came looking for her. She is smart, playfull, very friendly and eager to please. She loves to run and play with other dogs, she never bothered shelter cats so we hope she does not really care for them but we cannot say for sure as animals in a shelter are always different. But we hope she will be ok with cat in a house with proper introduction. Koreen is very happy and enjoys human company. She still needs a bit of work with leash training and possibly house breaking but we do not know for sure. This beautiful girl has foster to adopt home waiting for her.