Our Dogs Who Need a Home Meet Sienna heeler border collie mix female, around 1 year old. She is good with dogs and has a sweet personality. She was picked up as a stray and was never claimed by the owners. Happy Valentines day beautiful girl. If you are interested in fostering/adopting her, please send us an email to ourangelsdr@gmail.com Meet Casper. Casper is a true mix....perhaps some Collie, some Heeler and some other things all mixed up to make him absolutely adorable. This sweet boy is only about 6 months old and he could sure use a break. Casper and his siblings were taken to the shelter and all of them were adopted...except Casper. The shelter volunteers have felt so sad for this guy and he has become their buddy. He hangs out with everyone there and does his best to get noticed. This boy is so darn sweet! He loves everyone he meets including other dogs. He has been around cats, but a proper introduction is always suggested. He does not do too badly on the leash, but will need help once he gets home. We cannot imagine why a boy like this is not with his family yet. He is just one of those dogs that will be comfortable in any situation....playing in his own yard, hiking, swimming, camping....he would be so content just being close to his people. Please give this sweetheart a share tonight. He deserves to go home! He has waited so patiently. If you are interested in Casper, please drop us an email at ourangelsdr@gmail.com Meet Vega, a beautiful female lab mix, around 8 months old, 45lbs. We cannot believe how friendly this girl is. She has been waiting for her owners to clam her for days. We keep saying over and over again... how is it possible that nobody wants this sweet girl back, nobody wants to look for her? All we can say: it is their loss. Vega is great with dogs, she has a lot of puppy personality and she is so eager to please. If you are interested to foster/adopt this smart girl, please email us to ourangelsdr@gmail.com Meet our new friend Toby. What a sweetheart! Toby is a Lab mix around a year to a year and a half old. He has the most adorable little underbite that makes him even more special. This guy is as friendly as a dog can be. How these wonderful, playful, happy babies get thrown away is just mind boggling. Maybe they have an accident. Maybe they bark a bit. Maybe they explore the neighbors yard. All things that can be corrected and all things that should not end their lives. This boy will need work with leash training and more than likely house training. He is such a good boy and a home where he's loved and appreciated would just bring him so much happiness. We wish this for all of these beautiful pups. (Adoption pending) My name is Drew and I was told I am really fluffy and happy boy. I am around 1 year old, weight around 42 lbs and I love people and I am good with dogs. I love to run and explore. Yes, I know my leash walk is something I need to master but I will. I just want to come home where I can lay by your feet and go for walks with you. I do not have demands, just family to love me and hug me as I love hugs. I think I got lost from home but after few days of trying to find my place I was picked up and taken to a shelter. Every day doors were opening and I was hoping to see familiar faces but they never came. Now I know my only chance to have my new family is if you fall in love with me and I promise if you do I will do my best to be a good boy. If you see me now and think I am your boy, please contact my rescue at ourangelsdr@gmail.com I am in a boarding now and my rescue needs foster/adoptive home so transporters can bring me home. I cannot wait for my journey to Canada and my new home. Meet Elyza, a beautiful shepherd collie mix girl around 1 year old, 35 lbs. This beautiful girl was terrified in a shelter as she was found on the road and nobody came looking for her. Elyza is shy at first but warms up quickly. She is good with dogs. Happy Valentines day beautiful girl. If you are interested in fostering/adopting her, please send us an email to ourangelsdr@gmail.com Meet Raylee, female red heeler shepherd mix around 1 year old. This beautiful girl’s name was T407 in a shelter and she came as a stray. Why? We all know people dump their dogs bringing them to shelter claiming they found them. It is so much easier to say that, no questions, no explanations needed. They don't care they are leaving their own dog in a high kill shelter where chances for survival are not big due to overcrowding. We saw sweet Raylee and immediately fell in love with this bouncy and happy girl. How not to love this face? She is just absolutely beautiful and her eyes are just full of love. We hope she will find her forever home soon. Raylee is good with dogs, she was friendly and curious with the cat she met at the vet clinic. This beautiful girl will need help with leash walking and likely housebreaking. She also would love an active family as she has still so much puppy energy and she loves to play and run. She was tested with older 9 year old child. We don't know how she will be with smaller children but due to her bouncyness and we would not recommend home with small children. (Adoption pending) Meet Dude, male Kelpie mix around 8 months old. He is great with other dogs and loves to play. He also really loves his foster mom cat, they sleep together and wrestle. He is very shy with new people but once he warms up he loves to cuddle. He was not around small children. They might be overwhelming for him so older children would be the best. He spent so much time in the shelter and had shut down. Shelter staff couldn't even pet him he was so afraid. He's come around a lot with his foster mom and now greets her at the door for ear rubs when she gets home. He does well in his crate and loves toys. He is still working on housebreaking but is almost there. Dude is very submissive and even when he was so scared he has never tried to bite or showed any signs of fear aggression. His reaction to things that scare him is to run away and hide. Dude is a very smart boy and he wants to be near his human and learn. We are hoping for him to find active home where he will be able to join his family on long hikes and just explore. Dude is still a pup so he needs to be supervised not to chew on things but this is typical puppy behavior. If you are interested in fostering him or adopting him, please email us to ourangelsdr@gmail.com Meet Max, our new rescue boy pom mix around 4 years old, around 20 lbs. This poor boy was left shaken up not understanding why he was left by his owner in the place full of fear, cries, barking and most of all a place that is not his home that he loved and was feeling safe in. Max’s owner moved and could not take him with him. This boy joined our rescue with hopes that this time when he goes to his new home he will stay there forever and will never leave the place he loves and most of all his new owners. Max is a very sweet boy. He gets along fine with dogs, didn't pay attention to cat in his temporary foster home and is crate trained. Max needs foster/ adoptive home in Canada so we can bring this sweet boy home. We also need help with paying for his veterinary care. If you could make a small donation towards his vetting we would be very grateful. If you are interested in Max, please email us to ourangelsdr@gmail.com Meet Dalta, stunning black shepherd female, around 1 year old. This beautiful girl was brought to the shelter as a stray. She was visited by shelter workers who were giving her treats and all she could do was jump up to them to give kisses. Dalta is a very affectionate girl and she has such a good personality. Dalta was waiting and no one wanted her. Why? She is black, and we all know about black dog syndrome but just look at her eyes, they are full of love and soul, she is such a good and loving girl... Dalta now is waiting for her second chance at life and we can tell you with a bit of training she will be the best, loyal, loving friend for life. We all know that people are looking for a perfect dog and so many questions are always sent our way about house training, leash walking and all the things that you have to teach a pup... Yes, Dalta will need to learn some basics but these are not major things that should disqualify her or other dogs from being adopted or fostered. She is only 1 year old and training her will not be an issue. Shelter dogs try hard to please us and this amazing girl will not disappoint you. She tested good with dogs and shows no dominant behavior. Our sweet little Lady is looking for her family to find her. This peanut is an absolute bundle of joy! She's happy and wiggly and loves to snuggle up to you. She's the kind of girl that just makes you feel happy the second you lay eyes on her. That sweet smile just lights up a room. She's going to need a little refresher course in house training and leash walking, but she's so eager to please you. She would love a backyard of her own, walks around her neighborhood and a nice warm place to lie down with you at night. We know this little girl would just adore a family of her own and we know you'd fall in love with her instantly. If you're interested in Lady, please send an email to ourangelsdr@gmail.com We'd be happy to send you a foster to adopt application. Thank you